Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oil on hardboard panel - 14 x 11, 2009

Bathroom Faucet

Pencil on paper - 8.5 x 11, 2009

Figure Study

20 minute figure study

Marker pen, pencil and conte crayon on newsprint - 17 x 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Concentrated Study

Beauty. When the human soul is taken back to its natural roots, the term goes far beyond being just a word to being a moment, a feeling. This indescribable moment is when we are thrown into the raw beauty of our untouched environment, when we open our eyes and are overwhelmed at our encounter with so much beauty in a single moment. It is the instant that you inhale but your breath catches and you can feel your heart slow and swell. It is this feeling of pure freedom and liberating insignificance as you realize how small and young you are compared to the rocks and trees around you. There is something undeniably poetic in the correlation between the beauty of the adolescent spirit and that of nature.

In the realm of portraiture, the factor of control lies in the hands of the photographer. However, there is something so simplistic yet captivating in the fact that you cannot control the beauty of nature, all you can do is to embrace it. And so, with that said, I present to you my concentrated study.


Pocketful of Posey

She wanders around, inspired by knick-knacks and the world around her. As an aspiring photographer, she searches for beauty through youthful simplicty and quintessential detail.
Through this capsule collection brings collaboration with Clemence Poesy to life. With pockets, piping detail, a clean and cool color palette, and a loose fitting sihouette, she is ready to continue observing the world through the viewfinder.

This is the capsule collection that I created during the 2008 Parsons Pre-College Academy, two week intensive program.


Upper left: Initial sketch
Upper right: Dress flats
Lower left: Dress on croqui - Pen, marker pen, and watercolor on marker paper
Lower right: Sewn garment - 100% Rayon



Acrylic, pen, spray paint, and hot glue on cardboard - 15 x 14, 2009

New York Scene

Watercolor, colored pencil, and pen on illustration board - 6 x 10, 2009

Figure Study

20 minute figure study

Pencil, marker pen, and conte crayon on Dualar paper - 18 x 24, 2009

Figure Drawing

20 minute figure study

Pencil, pen, conte crayon, and marker pen on marker paper - 11 x 14, 2009

Self Portrait

Oil on chipboard over acrylic on cardboard - 17 x 12, 2009

Girl Reading

Cloth on chipboard, oil on chipboard, over paper on hardboard panel- 18x14, 2009